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MS FSCC Timeline of Major Activities

Kick-off Meeting

  • Final Project Plans and Expected Outputs of the project, including the role/responsibility of each partner
  • Directory of all Project partners (specific contact persons)
lead institutions: SEARCA and KU

November 7-8, 2016

November 7-8, 2016

Regional Workshop

  • Professional Profiles of Desired MS FSCC graduates based on Job Market Demand and Supply in SEA to address FS and CC issues
  • Learning Outcomes (Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, Competencies) for Desired MS FSCC Curriculum
lead institutions: UPLB and IPB

Regional Workshop

  • Draft Curriculum – including pairing of UC members and semesters with courses, faculty supervisors
lead institution: UPM

November 7-8, 2016

January 17-23, 2017

Circular Mission

  • Recommended list of course offering and thesis supervisors per track/specialization
  • List of constraints/issues and gaps that need to be addressed (and recommendations, if any)
  • Recommended list of training courses for faculty and staff (for endorsement to Agrinatura)
  • Possible Mobility Arrangements
lead institutions: KU, SEARCA, and SupAgro

Development of Software Program for Students Record and Project Website

  • Online application software
  • Student Records Database
  • MS FSCC website
lead institutions: KU, SupAgro, and SEARCA

February to March 2017

February 14-16, 2017

Regional Workshop

Identification of Various Functions on which Quality Assessments (QA) will be organized
  • Draft QA strategy (recruitment & admission of students, mobilities, credit transfers, assessment schemes, thesis, faculty & staff qualifications & training needs, student support services)
Finalization of MS FSCC Curriculum
  • Final MS FSCC Curriculum with Draft Program Guide (Course Catalog and List of Thesis Supervisors)
  • Summer School Topics (for collaboration with BOKU)
  • Final QA Schemes on: Recruitment and Admission Policies and Procedures; Assessment and Credit Transfers; Student Support Services
  • List of the faculty and staff that need to undergo trainings and final definition of the training needs

Call for Applications (First Batch)

  • Simultaneous Announcement in Websites of all partners
  • Posters and Invitation Letters sent to Target Stakeholders
lead insitution: SEARCA

May 1, 2017

June 2, 2017

Deadline for Applications (First Batch)

  • List of all applicants (per university)

Selection Period (First Batch)

  • Shortlist of candidates and their possible supervisors per university

June 5-6, 2017

June 7-8, 2017

Final Selection Meeting (First Batch)

  • List of admitted students and supervisors per pair of UC members
  • List of faculty and staff to undergo trainings
  • Program Guide
  • Student Handbook

Release of Results of the Selection Process (First Batch)

  • Admission notices sent to qualified applicants

June 23, 2017

July 10-28, 2017

Summer School 1 and Orientation (First Batch)

  • Orientation
  • Summer School
lead institutions: KU, SEARCA, UGM, and BOKU

First Semester Enrolment (First Batch)

  • List of Courses enrolled by each student

August-September 2017

August 2018

First Semester Enrolment of Batch 2 Students

Organization and Implementation of Exchanges for Batch 1 Students within ASEAN

January 2019

May 2018

Regional Workshop

review first year implementation of the program; identify problems and strategies to address these

Summer School 2

organization and implementation of Summer School 2 led by UPM

June 2018

May 2018

Organization and Implementation of Exchanges for Batch 1 Students outside ASEAN

Organization and Implementation of Exchanges for Batch 2 Students within ASEAN

August 2018

July 2019

Final Project Workshop

workshop to be led by SEARCA

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